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Corporate feedback on FUELBOX


I briefly presented FuelBox Team to my financial team before our regular meeting. They started asking each other questions from the box and when I said we had to move on to our planned meeting agenda, they kept saying: “Just one more card, just one more question!”. I had never seen a reaction like it!

When we read out one of the questions: “What can we do today to improve our business immediately?”, one of the most junior team members present came up with a great idea that we immediately added to our process. That one change will pay for all the FuelBoxes we could ever buy!

Brian Gillies – “Singapore Financial Advisor of the Year 2014” Serial Entrepreneur and Board Member of Virgin Galactic Unite.


We all need to refuel in everyday life and in all kinds of relationships. Nice mix of an inspiring talk by a truly engaged and enthusiastic Berta Lende Røed and a talkshop that engaged the participants. Created great conversations and great fun!

Svein Erik Falkeid, Project Leader,
Ingunn Sædberg, Admin Services
Statoil ASA


We used FuelBox in connection with an internal event for our employees in KPMG Stavanger.
Our desire was to create an arena where our employees could tie even stronger ties with colleagues across disciplines and work. We experienced the event as very positive; Berta Lende Roed set the mood with an inspiring lecture, and our employees used FuelBox longer than we had originally set aside for the event.

One of the strengths with FuelBox is that it creates an arena for a good conversations without an underlying or “hidden” agenda. It is an inclusive tool where all participants actively contribute, and we got great feedback from our employees in retrospect. FuelBox has also been used by employees after the event.

KPMG in Stavanger therefore recommends FuelBox as an entertaining and relationship-building tool. For us, good communication is key in our business, and FuelBox helped forge new relationships in our organization.

Marius Baste Viken
Partner, Lawyer and Economist
KPMG Stavanger


I recently purchased your FuelBox TEAM and INNOVATION boxes for a ‘Think outside the square’ business brainstorming session. I just wanted to pass on my thanks and also some feedback on how my session ran with the help of FuelBox.

Myself and the management team prior to this day selected some really good questions from both FuelBoxes that really challenged the team to think about how they could innovate and do business with our customers differently. We really wanted them to come up with fresh new ideas so we specifically chose questions that would allow our team to think freely and challenge the status quo. We made sure the team felt assured that no suggestion would be seen as a bad suggestion. Every suggestion no matter how silly it sounded would be seriously considered.

I placed these selected FuelBox question cards at the top of individual pieces of butchers paper and scattered them around the room. I then asked each group of 3 to rotate around the butchers papers and answer each of the questions.

We spent a good 40mins doing this activity and then together as a team we discussed all the answers and chose the best suggestions that we could implement into our business plans.

We came up with at least 5 new business activities and leveraging opportunities that we made a commitment to implement into our business plans that we thought would separate us from our competitors in our industry. The team found this activity really helpful. They all thought the questions were excellent and worded in a way which really challenged them to think differently.

This activity with the help of the FuelBox questions taught me and my team that sometimes all we need are for the right questions to be asked, so we can come up with new solutions to get around perceived barriers within our businesses.

I would highly recommend FuelBox for any team business brainstorming sessions. I know my business unit definitely found the money we spent on FuelBox worthwhile and valuable. We will definitely be making FuelBox a permanent tool at all our business planning sessions in future.

Louise Fantini – Field Sales Manager NSW | Medtronic Australasia Pty Ltd

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