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FuelBox TEACHER STAFF is a tool to develop and strengthen the teacher staff at your school. Great conversation is the very starting point for getting to know each other really well. Through discussion and reflection, creativity and community feeling is stimulated, which gives work satisfaction and strengthens the collaboration of a team. FuelBox TEACHER STAFF contains 170 open questions that can create good conversation between colleagues in an exciting and engaging way.

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What personal skills would you like to use more in your work?
What kind of students do you find especially challenging?
Which crisis have you been able to laugh at after the fact?
What life lessons do you find especially useful in your work?
If our students were in charge of our school, what kind of changes would they make?
How are we equal and different in our team?
What kind of first impressions do you think you give?
How do you receive feedback?
What personal qualities are you most satisfied with?
What do you envy about the opposite sex?
Pick a card
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FuelBox TEACHER STAFF contains 170 open questions that will create great conversation between colleagues in an fun and engaging way. It is an opportunity to connect both on a personal and professional level. Share knowledge and experience through addressing relevant opportunities and challenges in school together.  

FuelBox TEACHER STAFF has been developed together with teachers and leaders from different schools.

You get the answers, emotions, and connections that
you have the courage to ask for

Categories in FuelBox TEACHER STAFF

  • Me
  • Me at work
  • Our team
  • Our students
  • Our school
  • Changes and innovation
  • Vision, values and goals
  • Communication
  • What you did not know
  • Questions for parent meetings


We have developed a FuelGuide for you with some great tips and advice on how to get started.

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