Our talks aim to inspire and motivate people to be more curious about themselves and people around them. We share stories, facts and science to raise awareness of the value of great conversations to personal and professional growth, healthy relationships, learning, performance, innovation and leadership.

Our Fuel Program

We work with many corporations and authorities to help them implement FuelBox as a tool to change their culture, train their leaders, spark innovation or just become a more curious organisation. We tailor our program to every client according to their needs. The programs will contain a variety of Talks, TalkShops, WorkShops and other methods. 

“We have done a lot of different things when it comes to teambuilding and sales training, but this is the best ever! This has given us something more, something we can use for the future, something that commits. A fantastic day with Tonje and Berta!”

ConvaTec Norway

Our most popular talks

We tailor our talks to conferences and organisations specific needs. Curiosity, human connections and communication is a common theme in all of our talks.

Curiosity on the menu

Curiosity is key to create deep connections with others and to nourish and strengthen our relationships. It is also the core of innovation, leadership and in understanding the needs of your clients.
Let us create awareness and inspire you to be more curious in your life!
This talk is perfect for a company conference, especially if the participants afterwards use FuelBox to fuel their curiosity at a following dinner!

There is good reason to be concerned about social connection in our current world. Loneliness is a growing health epidemic. The digital age we live in provides great opportunities. The digital and analogue world can strengthen one another, not suppress one another. Psychological safety and trust is crucial for innovation. 
Why not balance your technology conference with this talk to ensure that we do not lose sight of the human aspect in this wonderful digital age we live in?

Great conversations eat tech for breakfast

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