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The FUELBOX story


Berta, the entrepreneur behind FUELBOX, tells her story like this:

I think I am married to a pretty awsome guy, and our thing was our great conversations. We could spend hours talking about everything there is to life… Then two more kids arrive, in addition to my two boys from a previous marriage, and I suddenly experience that we are spending far too many nights, exhausted on the couch, in front of the TV or other screens, and our natural curiousity for each other and those great conversations is more or less gone. At times we would of course turn off the TV and talk, and I noticed that those great conversation topics did not present themselves as they did before, or I could’t remember or even know how to ask those questions that I had been thinking of for a while…


I knew that I missed our great conversations, the conversations were now nothing more than how things were at work, the kids or the neighbour’s new car… So I began to write down different questions I wanted to ask my husband, and questions that I wished he would ask me. I put all of them in an envelope which was quite full the Saturday night I showed it to my husband. We had a glass of wine and began to pull out questions from the envelope – and it was a magical evening! Every question generated so much conversation, and kept us sitting talking for several hours! It was like being back to when we first fell in love! One of the questions we spent a lot of time on was: “What do you think are the biggest similarities and differences in our families?” I knew right away that other couples could enjoy this, and perhaps even benefit from it!


I had several couples to try out the questions from the envelope, and the response was very positive, from both sexes: This felt good, meaningful, entertaining and important! I then presented my idea to Innovation Norway, and they also said that great conversations should come in a box! With their support I developed the idea and half a year later, in October 2013, I launched FUELBOX, The box of great conversations, COUPLES!


All the FuelBox-editions are developed to create reflections and great conversations that are meaningful and entertaining, and strengthening for both individuals and relations. This is so important, both at home and in our workplace. But what is a great conversation? For me it is when we discover new things about each other, when we suddenly understand or laugh out loud together! Suddenly we share something important and serious with each other, while in the next moment we learn what the other person appreciate most about us.



These great conversations doesn’t always present themselves, do they? Not with your partner, close friends, family or colleagues. When? Where? And which questions do we ask?

Challenging yes, but important – because we know the value of these moments, both in the couple, with our friends or family or together with our colleagues: It’s about recognition, sharing, and belonging – and it’s all about relations and PRESENCE…

I hope many of you out there will enjoy FuelBox and those great conversations the box is designed for!

With love


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