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Teambuilding without crazy climbing and kids puzzles!


Do you run or facilitate teambuilding? To perform together as a team you have to be able to give each other all kinds of feedback, tolerate each others differences and respect all team members. Building a great team is not
just about sharing experiences. We have to share our thoughts, opinions, personal experiences, knowledge and feelings. Nothing will strengthen team relations more than being a part of and knowing each others experiences, wishes and stories…

Ready for team inspiration, motivation and a kickstart with FuelBox?

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Great conversations that strengthen relationships


We are on the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and shouting out as loud as we can: “See me! See me partner, friends, family, colleagues and leaders!”. Our Lectures will be filled with inspiring and humorous stories following simple techniques on how to create great conversations to meet this fundamental “See me!” need we all have. The Lectures will also be full of hints and tips on how to take care of and strengthen our different relations!

TalkShops after a Lecture is very popular – let us know what you want!

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TalkShops with FuelBox

We can facilitate TalkShops where the participants sit together in groups and engage in conversations about relevant topics – both academically and relationally – in an exciting and engaging manner. This is both developmental, educational and relational strengthening communication!

TalkShops are suitable for Executives, Leaders, Teams, Colleagues, Friends and other networks. We can contribute with implementation of different TalkShops in already established Professional Development programs. TalkShops with FuelBox can also be included as a tool and part of communication training, such as presentation skills training.

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