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Strengthen leadership and relations

Strengthen leadership through reflection and great conversations

In an engaging way FuelBox offers an arena for Executives and Leaders to gather and share ideas, thoughts and experiences, knowledge and expertise about typical leadership challenges and also challenge status quo in their own organisation.

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What´s in the box?

Topics and Questions Personal Leadership │ Leading Teams │ Employee Development │ Strategic Leadership │ Vision, values and culture │ Change Management and Innovation │ Administrative Management │

  • In which situations do you experience having to choose between short-term gain and the achievement of long-term goals?

  • What are your three best leadership skills?

  • From whom do you receive feedback and what is it usually about?

  • What tasks can you delegate to give others a boost?

  • What are you doing to strengthen the reputation of your organisation?



Do you want to develop your Leadership capabilities? By sharing thoughts, experience, knowledge and expertise with other leaders you will be able to develop and strengthen yourself as a human and as a leader. You can build and strengthen relationships, and even gather new insight that can become useful for both yourself, your colleagues and the organisation.

FuelBox is a tool that is simple and easy to use in different ways to create reflection and conversation about relevant topics and aspects of leadership in general and in your organisation.

Do you facilitate and run Leadership and Development programs? Then FuelBox is the perfect tool for you. There is so much knowledge, great thoughts and experience in all the leaders within an organisation – all it might take could be a few good questions to bring it to the table?

How to use FuelBox LEADERSHIP?


    We all need to refuel in everyday life and in all kinds of relationships. Nice mix of an inspiring talk by a truly engaged and enthusiastic Berta Lende Røed and a talkshop that engaged the participants. Created great conversations and great fun!

    Svein Erik Falkeid, Project Leader and
    Ingunn Sædberg, Cons Adm Services
    Statoil ASA

  • One of the strengths of FuelBox is that it creates an arena for communication without any underlying or ‘hidden’ agenda. It is a tool where all participants take an active part and we received positive feedback from our employees afterwards.

    Marius Basteviken
    Partner, Lawyer and Economist
    KPMG Stavanger

  • The use of FuelBox at our Christmas Party was excellent! When did you last ask a colleague what three things he hopes to experience before he dies? Or the CEO how he would spend the day if he got to be a woman for one day? Through great conversations and high level of engagement on issues outside the ordinary, we got to know each other better as humans, not just colleagues. Recommend it!

    Hans Fredrik Wittusen,
    Strategy Director,
    Norsk Gjenvninning Norge AS


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    FUELBOX LEADERSHIP for Executives and Leaders

    Establish the focus on communication, leader development and relations in corporate management.



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    FUELBOX TEAM for Team Development

    A tool for Leaders and HR to involve employees, build relations and strengthen team performance.


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    FUELBOX for Private Relations

    The ultimate gift for the employees that enhance the organisations focus on communication and relations.


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FuelBox can be used in different organisations in many different ways. We recommend that you raise awareness of the value of great conversations among the employees and make a plan for implementation.

Please order our free FUELGUIDE for tips and advice on how to use FuelBox in your organisation!

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