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Learn more about each other and strengthen family ties

Building a strong family

Interested in building a strong family? Want to have great conversations with your kids, get to know your in-laws better, share your life and thoughts with your siblings? We all know the good feeling this creates and the value it adds to our relationships and lives. FuelBox Family contains 176 cards with fun, exciting and important questions that guaranteed will give you great conversations with all members of your family. It will help you know and understand each other better and strengthen both you and your family. Recommended for children 8 years and over.


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Strengthen family ties with great conversations!

Keep your FuelBox within reach! We made it beautiful so you can place it at the dinner table or in your holiday home. Use it at bedtime, during meals, bring it on long drives or on vacations. FuelBox gathers your family and creates the presence you are longing for.

Pick cards and ask each other questions. Be sure to ask follow-up questions so that the card creates as much conversations as possible. FuelBox is meaningful entertainment for everyone in your family; your children, siblings, parents, grandparents, in-laws, uncles and aunties.

How to use FuelBox with your FAMILY?

What's in the box

Topics and Questions Family │ Opinions, attitudes and values │ Me │ Sparetime │ School and work │ This and that │ Relations │ Past, present and future │

  • What are you most proud about when it comes to our family?

  • What should you appreciate more in life?

  • What could be the title of the movie about your life?

  • What would you like us to do more of as a family?

  • What achievements at school/work have made you proud?

  • What are the three best things that have happened today?

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  • “We have our FuelBox on the dinner table and we all select a card throughout the meal. We chat about our favourite experience, greatest challenge, who inspires us and why. It’s a great way for the family to engage and make every meal a memory – either a new one made or an old one revisited.”


  • “We generally enjoy our family dinners together and are quite social together. However, after just a few questions from our family fuel box our dinner conversation reached an extra chatty level. It was so surprising to see how the kids (5 and eight) responded and it allowed us to get a better insight into who they are and how their minds work. We can´t wait to keep using the fuel box to improve our communication and build on our relationships as a family!”


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    The Family edition saved our roadtrip this year!



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