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FUELBOX creates great conversations that strengthen individuals and relationships

FuelBox for COUPLES

Can there be love in a box?

Talk to your partner about important, funny and serious sides of being together and life in general. With a box of 170 open questions you get the opportunity of having many meaningful and entertaining conversations!

Learn more about FuelBox for Couples Buy FuelBox Couples $79

FuelBox for FAMILIES

Teambuilding for families!

Good conversations entertain and strengthen family relationships. FuelBox contains 176 funny, serious and important questions guaranteed to speed up a good conversation in the family! FuelBox Family is here! Limited number of boxes!

Buy FuelBox Family $79 Learn more about FuelBox for Families

FuelBox GIFT

FUELBOX is the perfect gift for someone you care about

FuelBox is an opportunity to give someone you care about a gift that is both entertaining and meaningful. FuelBox is the perfect gift for you and your partner and a fantastic Wedding gift, Anniversary gift and a great gift for friends and family on Birthdays, Christmas and Valentine's Day.

More gift ideas Buy FuelBox COUPLES $79

FuelBox for LEADERS

Strengthen leadership through reflection and great conversations!

In an engaging way FuelBox offers an arena for Leaders and Executives to gather and share ideas, experiences, knowledge and expertise about typical leadership challenges and also challenge the status quo in their own organisation!

Learn more about FuelBox for Leaders and Executives Buy FuelBox Leadership $199

FuelBox for TEAMS

Strengthen relationships and performance in teams through great conversations!

In an engaging way FuelBox creates an arena for teams to gather and share stories, thoughts, experiences, knowledge and expertise! This will develop and strengthen the individual, as well as relationships and accomplishments of the team!

Learn more about FuelBox for Teams Buy FuelBox Team $199

FuelBox Innovation

Engage employees in finding new opportunities!

This is the box for those who want to involve managers and teams in innovative thinking. Who believe that growth and progress lies in constantly challenging the status quo in the organisation and that all employees can contribute to this work!

Learn more about FuelBox Innovation Buy FuelBox Innovation $199
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